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Durham, NC Scrap Metal Recycling
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Junk Cars, Electronics, Computers
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Durham, NC is an important to us at Raleigh Metal Recycling buying from commercial and demolition companies, factories and others. We have top prices per pound and great service, buying Steel, Copper wire, copper pipe, Aluminum cans, car batteries, old broken computers, copiers, printers and more. We are a major Durham Recycling Location, due to we are "near me" in Raleigh. We pay cash, real money for your salvage vehicles and can even arrange for cash on the spot, disposal, pick up and a towing service, junk car removal, junk my car for cash, by calling Kenny at 919-348-0545. An Auto Wrecker Company, Auto Wrecker Service that picks up same day, fast service today. We even sell car batteries, marine and boat, AGM, deep cycle batteries, Lawn and Garden, Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicle batteries. Car battery store, selling used, affordable, cheap refurbished batteries at the lowest price. If you are looking for a junkyard near me and you live in zip 27707, 27503, 27704, 27705, 27713 come see us due to we have great prices per pound for scrap metal! We also now buy baled cardboard and all electronics, computers, printers, copiers, LCD computer monitors, right here in North Carolina. If you want to know where can I recycling aluminum cans for cash, come see us! We even buy old used, broken appliances! Refrigerators, freezers, stoves, washers, driers, AC units, hot water heaters and more. Dispose of appliances. A drop off center that pays cash. Come sell to us, even metal hangers and file cabinets. You can even drive to us and sell your wrecked, clunker car with no title, without a title or no registration, if it is 10 model years or older and leave with cash. If you are junking your car for cash, call us to sell your Junker, clunker. The best serving Durham County, NC. We are close so we are a Durham Recycling Center, just down the road in Raleigh, buying scrap metal, a scrap metal dealer! Scrap metal sales, buyers. Not a junkyard, salvage yard or scrap yard. Durham Recycling in Raleigh to recycle your scraps metal today at the best prices here in North Carolina. Call us at 919-828-5426 for scrap metal prices and information. A scrap metal dealer that are buyers with great service.

Electronics Recycling

Computers, laptops, Drives, Boards, PCs, Towers, Memory, game consoles, cable boxes, satellite dishes, cell phones, tablets, ipads copiers, LCD monitors and printers are all thing we buy at great prices per pound. Drop off Center, location and we pay real money for e-waste, e-cycle and more, including Li-ion batteries even if they are dead and you need to get rid of them.

Aluminum Can Recycling for cash

We pay the most money per pound for your beverage cans, soda cans, beer cans.

Junk Cars for cash

Towing, pick up, removal or drive to us. Junking your auto. Call us to sell your Junker, clunker, without a title, if 10 model years or older, no registration, no title, but must always have a VIN. Call us or send us an email for an online quote. We even pay $500 for very heavy trucks and since you get cash all the time, it is like FREE towing to get rid of your unwanted, car, truck or SUV even if damaged. GM, Chevrolet, Ford, Honda, Nissan, Mercedes, F-150, Sierra, Civic, Accord, Hunyadi, RAM, Chrysler, JEEP, Explorer, Focus. If you want to sell my car, call us. We are the #1 scrap yard, junk yard, salvage yard supporting Durham, NC.

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