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Junk Car (Salvage Car) Drop Off - Sell Your Junk Car, Salvage Car

Car drop off. Drive it in, push it in and we buy it for Cash. Call 919-828-5426 for prices. Fast, easy and friendly service. Leave with cash-running or not running.



Junk Car (Salvage Car) Pick Up - Sell Your Junk Car, Salvage Car

Junk Car (Salvage Car) Pick Up Service. A Car Pick up service, can be easily arranged for your junk car pick up, by calling Kenny at 919-348-0545. He will arrange for fast and friendly Junk car pick up. They are the best in Junk car removal. A great and fast way to arrange for Junk Car Pickup! Junk Car Removal at it's Best. An Auto Wrecker Company, an Auto Wrecker Service that pays cash on the spot. All cars need VINS and if the auto is 9 model years or newer, it must have a title. If 10 model years or older, we are buyers without a title, no title, no registration, but no liens. If you are junking your car, sell your junker, clunker to us at Raleigh Metal Recycling. We buy cars in all condition.. The #1 Junkyard in Raleigh, buying from Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill, Apex, Wake Forest, Holy Springs, Garner, Morrisville, Clayton and Zips, 27610, 27603, 27703, 27705, 27707, 27713, 27587, 27513, 27516, 27502, all near me here in North Carolina.


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